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FF Sparks (Casual)

season 06
Season Six - Yeah, you're depressing, but hey...
that's life. And you're all about facing life,
looking it in the eye, and singing your cares
away. In the end, friendship will always
triumph. Best Episode: "Once More, With

Which Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Are You?
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...wow, I'm the worst Buffy season ever, where everything was depressing and dark and Willow nearly destroys the world. veggiebelle, got a yellow crayon?


Of course! I always keep a yellow crayon handy in case I have to save the world with talking from my mouth.

Yes, I still over-identify. It's like a drug. :)
Plus, you're good at fixing windows by putting plywood over them after demons get thrown through them. Which is a surprisingly useful skill, even if not one that you can really put on a resume anywhere except Sunnydale.

It's okay; I still do, too, though alas I have no Willow userpic. But you'll always be Xander to me! Would I have tossed you the nod in the post otherwise? ;)
Yeah, who would've thought that I'd turn out to be someone you'd want around after a crazed robot, demon, or vampire attack?

And you're still the Wilster. Always. I do have quite a few Xander icons, which I guess isn't all that surprising now that 50 are possible. And, y'know, I still have that poem that you sent way back at the beginning of last year!
You always had a very important role, even back in the beginning; you brought the donuts. You can't save the world without donuts.

Dear lord. /I/ don't have a copy of the poem anymore, I barely remember it. That was fun, back in the early days, filling in things between the episodes. :)
Yes, it was fun. I liked being God. (sniffle)
This explains a lot about your fondness for Civilization III as well, with the whole gods-eye-view of the world. ;)
Hey, donuts and snack cakes make up a very important food group. No matter what those supposed "nutrition" books we were supposed to read in class said. Good thing I never actually read much in those, huh?

*sigh* Ah, the big fun of the good ol' days. But I'll forward you the poem. It's adorable!
*nods* We were a lean, mean, demon-fighting machine powered by twinkies and Boston cream donuts.

Wow, I really had forgotten about that poem. It could've scanned a lot better, but it still made me go 'aw' to re-read it. And I had to laugh at "He defends me from Cordelia Chase, and cheers me up when I am blue." I remember, writing it, those last two paragraphs were the ones where I heard Willow's voice the clearest.