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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, our kitchen is filled with cookies.

Huong has no classes yet, and she's noted that when she's bored, she cooks. This, it turns out, is not an understatement. About five trays of chocolate-chip cookies stand in testament to Huong's boredom this afternoon, along with the remains of three earlier trays of blueberry muffins.

Not that I don't like it -- the muffins were really good, and the cookies are delicious and immense -- but how on earth are we going to eat all this?!

Anyway, I'm sitting here on the Powerbook, watching the Olympics. I went and got the paperwork to renew my passport taken care of today, so that I'll be able to go visit Jen in the spring successfully. (And I can use it when I cross the border to visit wonderwombat up in the Land of Cows... er, I mean, Chilliwack!)



Wait. You're watching live TV on the powerbook? Or did you find a streaming proxy? I thought they had it all blocked?
No, no. Watching TV on TV, with the Powerbook on wireless here to be posting on LJ and whatnot. :)
Aaaaah. OK.
Send some to meeeeeeeeeee!

Just kidding. They probably wouldn't survive the trip over unless you super rapid air-mailed them after vacuum-packing them first. Alas.

I love cookies. :)
They're immense, too!
Growl. I want cookies!

Actually I was going to bake some today or tomorrow anyway, 'cause I was invited to a potluck at a friend's house. But maybe I'll do something easier. Dunno. But now I really want cookies.

There is a one-foot-high stack of cookies on my counter! o.O

And oooh, potluck sounds fun. You enjoying yourself overall?
I think I missed something! Who is Huong?
New roommate, the one who moved into Jen's old room.

It's weird. Jen used to keep all the windows covered and her room was fairly dark; it's strange to walk past and see how Huong has it set up. It's very light and airy, she has her own entertainment center in there, and a reading nook with a comfy chair and stuff. It's almost like a little studio apartment instead of a bedroom.
Dude, that's seriously how I want to set up my room...I need pictures. As it is I have a little sleep area, a work area with desk. I have my big comfy recliner. I have my little wooden desk for letters and organization. However, my little reading nook is incomplete, because, despite a trip to Ikea today I don't have nearly enough bookshelves.
Freeze 'em. They keep well. :)

I love baking. Of course, there's only me and I want to lose weight so I shouldn't /have/ cookies baked.
how on earth are we going to eat all this?!

I foresee that you are going to become very popular with your co-workers. ;)
If I didn't telecommute, you'd be so correct. :)
It must be something in the air. On Sunday, I ended up making two batches of cookie dough: one was chocolate chip, and the other was toffee chip. I only baked one dozen of each, though, and sent the majority of the baked ones into work with amezuki. The rest is dough, some in the fridge, some in the freezer.
I want to go make that cornbread I got materials for earlier now...must...go...bake...
The solution for how to get rid of all the food is to invite me to stay for a few days. I absolutely, positively guarantee that I will solve your food removal problems. ;)
Your can of Guinness is still in the fridge.
And for the record, that's the can of Guinness you left here back in 2000, and forgot to take with you on the way to Rose's party again in 2002. :)
A) I knew which bloody can of Guinness was being mentioned.

B) I'm impressed. That can has gone through, what? 4 moves now?

C) Despite Irish propoganda to the contrary, Guinness does not count as food.
A) Yes, but many other people don't realize that this can of your Guinness has now been my roommate longer than brent2005 has.

B) Close, but only three. Apartment to 8th Ave, 8th Ave to 18th Ave, 18th Ave to Fremont.

C) Doesn't count as food? Max, I'm not certain that after four years, this Guinness counts as a /liquid/.
A) Valid point.

B) Ahhhh.

C) It's not really that liquidy to start. I just said it wasn't food. :)
A) Darn right it is. :)

B) I actually considered throwing it out this last move, but Jen stopped me. It's become tradition, you see; the Ritual Moving of Max's Guinness to the new fridge.

C) There is no point C, only Zuul.
If it would have survived the plane trip, I would have brought that can of Guinness to Japan with me just to make it intercontinental. It is LEGEND, dude.
*laugh* I'll bring it to you when I come visit. ;)