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For those who have been curious about my weekend project, Atlantis, I've finally gotten the address book and preference page closer to where I want it. There's still pieces to hook up, there's lots of little polish to put in, and I /really/ want to rework how the Lemuria Docking UI works, but it's starting to look rather nice.

This is the 'general' tab for a world. As you can see, worlds are grouped, nested as characters under their parent world. Parent worlds can be connected to as a 'generic' world connection, for guests or whatever. I still also want to make it so that it's possible to 'wipe' a setting and fall back to the parent world's equivalent setting, as well, but that's trickier than it might be. Right now, the 'game type' pulldown does nothing, but in the future I'll probably allow various bits of custom code depending on the pulldown.

This is the formatting tab. It doesn't have a lot; just the font, the hanging indent, system colors, and what the sixteen ANSI colors should map to.

The Highlighting tab isn't started yet, because I've been spending all my time working on the spawn tab. I do, however, like how it's come out now. Still have a couple more things to hook up here, too.

On the plus side, this address book methodology will allow me to add new tabs for plugins adding things in to the world settings! And this seems like a fairly smooth, intuitive, and MacOS X-ish way to handle the Atlantis world address book...

Also less headachey for me, always a plus.
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