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FF Sparks (Casual)

More Shrub-ya article

Again, via bayushi Family kicked out over t-shirts.

Now, I can see wanting to stop potential riots or whatnot.  But y'know, this is still excessive. :(


This is SOP for this administration. People demonstrating against the war in Iraq were often moved to "free speech zones" during presidential speeches. This was often far out of the way of the crowds (and the cameras).

Regardless of where one stood on the war, this is utterly unacceptable.
As I said in her LJ, I'll say it here: a friend of mine got kicked out of a Kerry fundraising event for wearing a pro-gay-marriage shirt. It's the state of politics today. If someone in the audience is filmed while wearing a shirt that does not exactly mirror the line of the candidate, it could be bad juju; therefore, no political events generally allow shirts that don't match their agenda.

I agree, though, it is excessive. But everyone's doing it. It's all the rage in modern politics.