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FF Sparks (Casual)

Political Stuffs

Via bayushi, for those who haven't seen it yet, the article about George W. Bush written by Ronald Reagan, Jr., which is worth reading.


Very interesting.

Of course, I'm still disinclined to pay too much attention to what Junior thinks. (Of course, I'm still disinclined to vote for Bush in the first place--for my own part, the question of GWB being president was settled before the Republican primaries in the 2000 election. I still believe McCain would make a better pres. than any of the candidates since.)

(Yes, I'm still bitter.)

(But in a good way.)
I'm inclined to agree, sadly. If McCain had run against Gore, I -- a fairly liberal left-leaning individual -- would have had to serious consider which to vote for. Because even while I didn't agree with all of McCain's policies, I also had a great deal of confidence that he would listen to experts and advisors and would make a decision based on their advice rather than a party line.

And I'd rather have that than someone who blindly follows a party line, even my own party's line.
Now there's a name I'ven't heard since junior high history class.