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FF Sparks (Casual)


Have been grouchy and tired this weekend.  Thought it was lack of sleep or something.  Realized tonight I have a fever of 101 degrees, probably not merely lack of sleep.  This is slightly irritating; I'd worked fairly hard over the past few months to improve my health, but I guess that doesn't make one immune to the flu or whatever.  May take tomorrow as a sick day.  Hate fever.


If I had a fever of 101, I wouldn't even be functional.

Of course, I don't run fever even when very sick, generally, so any fever at all renders me useless.
Take today as a sick day and rest. I don't mean sleep, but actually rest. Lie down, read, eat soup, drink tea, enjoy life.
Hope you feel better, hon.

Maybe you'll be up for movie on Wednesday? You should probably take a few sick days. :)

Hannah! When did you get an LJ??

The fever's considerably down (like 99.2) today, and while that's high for me (my mother and I both usually have temperatures below 98.6), I no longer feel quite like I'm made out of lead. So presumably I'll be well enough to go see the movie on Wednesday, yes.

Granted, the fact that I forgot it comes OUT on Wednesday until you posted doesn't speak well for my state of mind at present. ;)
Mom, Terra and I are thinking of going to a matinee tomorrow, something 4 or 5-ish. Is that doable for you? I know you have to work...

Lemme know!
5-ish would be better than 4-ish. Would you guys be going to a showing up here, or would I need to drive down there, or what? If you're up here, 5-ish is easily done, if it'd be going down there, that's rather a bit harder since I'd have to leave early.
We wanted to do a show down here between 4 and 5, then dinner out with the family for Terra's birthday. Maybe it would just be easier for Terra and I to come up Thurs or Fri and we could all go to the Oak Tree and see it? Terra might have basketball one of those days.
Friday's better for me, of the Thursday/Friday choice. If you guys wanna do a matinee down there, if it works better for you, go ahead; there's unfortunately no easy way for me to make it down in time, though.
You got an LJ! YAY!
I'm hope you're feeling better soon!