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FF Sparks (Casual)


Wrongest. Meme. Ever.

Basically, it pulls down your friends list (and their userpics) and makes a Space Invaders game out of it, where you fire 'witty quips' ('Oh yeah?'  'Oh, you are SO off my friends list!') and suchnot, to shoot down your LJ friends.

So. Very. Wrong.

I zapped my friends with Boutell's Friendzapper!
Final Score
Friends Zapped
Then debbo zapped me!</td>
YOUR Username
Game created with Perl, Ming, and my fevered brain!


Somehow, Phil, I'm not surprised that you'd have a special place in your heart for the sort of deranged genius that allows someone to write a Perl program which generates a Flash game, or a MUD server in Perl. Not surprised at ALL.