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FF Sparks (Casual)

Saying goodbye is hard...

Last night, I took my two cats to their new home.

I had to do it, because of our current landlord. I wasn't sure whether or not I was giving them up permanently, but my roommate asked that they not come along to whatever new place we get. And they do make messes of things, knocking stuff over and clawing at stuff when they want attention, etc.; it will be a lot easier to find a new place if we don't have to worry about whether or not they're pet-friendly and whatnot.

Still, I couldn't help myself. When I packed them into their little cat-carrier and drove them across the lake, they kept crying at me, and I found I was crying too. I saw them settled in, and I made sure they knew where their litterbox was in the new house. Kali actually sat by the litterbox for about half an hour because it was something familiar, and the noise she was used to was evidently comforting. (It's one of those magical self-cleaning litterboxes.) Then I had to leave before I started crying again... it was hard to drive home, because I had to keep blinking away tears.

It was hard again last night, and this morning. I've been used to the cats sleeping curled up next to me all night, so my bed felt empty and lonely without them. And then in the morning, I didn't wake up with Nuku on my pillow trying to wake me, and Kali stalking the alarm clock, like I have. And according to the people who have them now, Kali sat near the door and meowed piteously all night, waiting for me to come back... though she's settled down now, eaten and then found a little place to hide again.

I had those two since I first moved out of my parents' house... Kali was a housewarming gift my very first night alone, and Nuku was a present from friends the day after. I've been apart from them temporarily before, when they went to the vet to get spayed and once when I had to board them briefly while I was moving... that's always a little sad, but it's just temporary so it doesn't affect me too badly.

It's just hard to give them up forever, even if it's probably for the best.


Awwwwww. :(

That's so sad...

Crap. :(

I would sooner tear out my own fingernails than give up my cat. :(
No offense, but I think that if your roommate didn't like cats, she/he should have been aware of the fact that you were and been willing to make adjustments- including the long-term prospect of dealing with moving to a new place, WITH cats. It's not fair to ask you to give up something that means so much to you for the sake of convenience. There are still places that like and accept cats.

It's one of the reasons (among several) I haven't made too much effort yet to find a new place- this large yard and neighborhood is very good for my little brat, and I'm intent to make sure that we're both happy and safe if I should move.

I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Re: Crap. :(

Speaking as the roommate in question, I'd just like to state that the reason we're having to move at all is because the cats peed everywhere, the neighbors complained because it could be smelt out in the hall, and the landlord insisted they be given up.

And speaking as the person who does all of the cleaning up around here, yes, I did state that it would be my preference that we didn't have them if we moved, because constantly cleaning up after incontinent cats and having my things ruined by them wasn't something I was fond of.

That said, I'm sorry that it came to the cats having to leave. I had a cat for years when I was growing up, but I had to leave him at my parents house when I moved because he wouldn't be happy in an apartment.

The cats weren't being taken care of here, and they deserve better.

Re: Crap. :(

It wasn't an ultimatum, though, Carmen. It was a request. It was my choice fo follow through on it, for the best of everyone.

I had to take them to this place one way or another, because of the current landlord. It's just whether or not I was going to set them through upheaval yet /again/ when we do find a new place. It's probably for the best for them, too... leaving them at a new home for a month or whatever, and then dragging them off to somewhere else new yet again wouldn't be good for them either.

It's just hard to do, nonetheless, even if it is for the best for everyone.

Re: Kitties

Sorry to hear that, but it's good you managed to find them a home together and you know where they are. I'm sure the new owners will keep you up to date on them? Can you visit them sometimes? I hope you can.

Re: Kitties

Yes. Catsy and Thea live just across the lake, so I can go visit Kali and Nuku still.

Re: Kitties

Well, if you're going to have to leave cats with somebody it might as well be somebody who answers to 'Catsy'.

Re: Kitties

*laugh* You know him as 'Menophis', on Firan.

Re: Kitties

Yeah, I know. :> Brandon is one of the people I know from my oldskool days.