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FF Sparks (Casual)

Random Techy Stuff

So, Jen got to Japan okay (yay!) as detailed in her own journal, and discovered she didn't have the WinXP modem drivers for my old laptop I'd given her. Tracked down those, got 'em to her, whee!

I've also now set up an NNTP server for Noderunner.net. It's only accessible (right now) to Noderunner folks who ask me to add specific IP addresses for them, or from a newsreader on snafu (or saga, for that matter), but it has 40,000 Usenet groups available, as well as the ability to funnel any RSS feed or mailing list into a newsgroup as well. The key is that instead of storing everything for Usenet, I'm running Leafnode; only when a user actually tries to access a group does it get added to the newsgroups the server cares about, and then the next time it syncs up with the upstream news server, it gets that group. If no one touches a group for a while, it stops caring about it and gets rid of it.

Whew! Anyway, any Noderunner or Legendary folks who want access to that with a local newsreader, let me know what IP address you come in from, and I'll add it.