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FF Sparks (Casual)

Yay Clean!

Pictures for those curious about the outcome of house-cleaning. Granted, these don't wholly do it justice.

The front door now has a bit cleaner shelving area, and the shelves which used to be to one side of it are gone. All coats and shoes are actually IN the coat closet now.

This is the living room, perhaps the biggest change. It's not done yet, but it's still definitely a vast improvement. This picture was taken this morning, I've actually done more since then (including mounting the surround-sound speakers on the walls, as can be seen in a few more recent pictures).

The hallway is nice and clean, and there's a few more pictures along it now.

The dining room table is clean, one of the extra chairs has been removed, and the shelves which used to be out by the front door are now behind the table, holding all our board and card games (and eventually some cookbooks, when I dig them up). I also stuck a clock on the wall.

All the cereals, bread, sandwich fixings, coffee stuff and whatnot has been moved over by the fridge. This still gives enough room to fix lunches and snacks on the counter-space there. Over by the stove, however, the counter has been cleared off almost entirely, giving a lot more room to actually work on cooking. The end-piece of the counter has been redone too, with a little desk organizer holding pens, paperclips, post-it notes and suchnot right beneath the cordless phone mounted on the wall, though I don't think it shows up well in this picture.



Ok, from what I can see...this is a gorgeous house. Is all that wood solid?
That is, in fact, all real hardwood flooring, yes.
Hey, that guy in the living room's pretty hot.
Modest, too. ;P
And a Tales series fan, to boot.
Actually, the Tales of Symphonia player would be me. Brent just goes through my video games to play 'em whenever I get something new. :)
Mmm. Yummy. What're you doing Wednesday, hot stuff?
how adorable!!!
Pretty house!

But Sequence! Hee! I love that game. Okay, random observation over. ;)
Nice kitchen. That's what, about a two-and-a-half butt? (Kitchens are sized in how many butts you can have in there working at once...) And cooking with gas. mmmmmm.
Oh. It's a beautiful house, and it looks so nice and neat and orderly. I'm very impressed.
Does this mean that I now have to clean up my house before I can invite you over again?;)
Just don't make me look at your computer desktop, and provide some of those horribly addictive cookies, and we'll be fine. ;)
Looks fantastic! Wanna come over and do my place now? ;) Just kidding. ;) I've managed to regain control over my bathrooms again, and the hallway *was* clear but now has donation boxes in it (which the hubby tells me are going away on Friday -- yay!).

Excellent work! It looks *fantastic*


Your house is gorgeous! Is it all yours or did you rent it? It looks quite big! The guy in the room is rather distracting to the beauty of the photo though. ;P

Re: Wow!

I rent it. It's a three-story house, though it's very small in overall footprint, and very tall. The living room is two stories tall, though, and the second story (with no floor, just open air) has windows all along the walls, which makes for wonderful natural light. The second floor has a balcony which looks down over the living room, a bathroom, and what used to be kieri's bedroom. The third floor has Brent's bedroom, and the master bedroom/bath (mine). The master bedroom/bath looks out over Lake Union and the downtown skyline, which is really nice, and I have a good big desk to work at.