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Laptop, Apple

Clean clean clean...

So, today I finally finished rearranging the ground floor of the house. Almost everything which needs to go into storage this weekend is packed up and sorted out, though I still need to sort through a few things in my closet. Still need more bookshelves for my room, but that can wait. Need a second small coffee table for the living room, and (ideally) something to replace the plush purple futon of doom. Also need to hook up the surround sound speakers to the entertainment.

My father came by for dinner and to watch Big Trouble in Little China, and he remarked on the house looking quite nice. Going to get a couple more things framed, get a couple more picture hangers to hang up things which are framed but not hung, but I'm quite pleased. Even if I did chase Brent into his room unintentionally, as he fled my 'cleaning neurosis.'

I just finally want to have a house that looks like grown-ups live here, not geeky college-age folks. And I think I'm mostly there!


We'd like to get there too, someday...
There are still some signs of geekery. The entertainment center is guarded by plushy Bun-Bun and Kiki, and there's a Lego A-Wing sitting atop the video changer box. But they're not everywhere, and I'm trying for 'classy geeky' in general. Like, the autographed Michael Whelan 'Summer Queen' print has been framed tastefully and hung in the downstairs hallway for some months now. :)
Geekery is fine. It's the storage problem that's giving us fits....
One of my favorite movies. Ever.

Jack Burton is god.
It's all in the reflexes, Wang.
You know what old Jack Burton always says...


Jack Burton. Me!
< Lo Pan > Indeed! < /Lo Pan >
Or to the nut house, whichever comes first.
"Or check into psycho ward, whichever comes first, huh?"
Ditto that.

The special edition DVD commentary with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell is worth a listen as well.