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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, Brent and I are cleaning up the house, arranging things, gathering up any of Jen's stuff she left behind and boxing it up for her. It's nice to see the house coming together clean, and having a chance to rearrange things based on months of living here and having a better idea of how the space all gets used. But it's also sad, in some ways. Sad to walk past Jen's room and see it empty, or filled with the boxes and bags we're sorting.

Jen and I were roommates for four years, and while occasionally we drove each other nuts, in all I can say she's one of the best roommates I've ever had. She's part of the triad, the 'Witches Three' as some called us; one of my two best friends is moving overseas, and even while I'm really happy for her opportunity, it leaves an empty space that will be hard to fill while she's gone.


*hugs offered*
You haven't really had the experience in your adult life of moving away from what you know and love, have you? It's an experience I've had on my mind all too often ever since Leigh and I started getting serious about our relationship, because one of us will need to do just that.

I've done it on multiple occasions and it never gets easier. It always hurts, even if it's only temporary. But you're doing the right thing: remembering that Jen's doing what she wants to and that you're happy for her.

Letting go sucks, but you'll deal with it well. Trust me.
Oh! *sniffle*

I feel the same way, Rach. You should have seen me the day we finished loading up most of the stuff -- I was really close to outright crying.

But hey, I'm gone for a year. And I'll come visit at Christmas, and my door is open for you in Japan in the spring!
I know, it's not forever. And I'm definitely coming to Japan to visit you, and I know we'll see you in Christmas. And I expect we'll all keep in touch over e-mail and stuff! But still...