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FF Sparks (Casual)

MacOS X Toy

I'm slowly consolidating all my music into iTunes rather than WinAmp on Windows, or CDs scattered about the house. So, during the day while I'm working on code on the Windows box, I have the Powerbook set up to act as a stereo; it's plugged into my speakers, and I have iTunes running with various playlists. When I'm using the Powerbook docked as a desktop and doing Mac stuff, I also usually have iTunes playing.

About a month or so ago, I found the ultimate iTunes plugin, and I have come to realize I simply cannot live without it these days.

It allows you to set system global hotkeys for 'next track / previous track / pause/play' as well as the various levels of song raiting, and does transparent popup overlays (like how Apple's own stuff does the volume and brightness overlays). It can put a prev / play / next buttonset into your menubar. And it will go out and find the album artwork for any songs missing album artwork, and will toss a little transparent window up showing which song is currently playing when the song changes. I can hide or restore iTunes with a single keypress, or I can just leave it hidden and control it entirely through hotkeys.

I now feel crippled using iTunes without this plugin; the things it provides should have been part of iTunes to begin with, and integrate seamlessly once installed. It is the best 5€ I've ever spent, as a shareware registration. So, for any other MacOS X-using friends out there who run iTunes constantly... Synergy is well worth the download. :)


If you want real geekdom... my friend John downloaded a java toy onto his phone that remote controls his Itunes on his laptop.

I think he's a bit obsessed with gadgets.
See, that's just excessive.

Me, I installed an MP3 player directly on my phone.

Much more sensible.
I remember when phones were just for... phone-related tasks. How far we've come.

(Meanwhile, I can't find a decent record player to play any of my resin jazz 78s.)
Thanks, I'll have to check this out.