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Connecticut post-mortem, and Mail Woes

The Connecticut trip was good overall. I think I probably didn't get enough sleep, but it was really productive overall; seeing everything everyone else was doing gave me a lot clearer vision of where my own code needs to go, and I feel very revitalized with regards to knowing where my own designs need to go. Definitely looking forward to doing it again sometime!

We even had one evening of relaxing, when we went out on Andy's boat (an aging Bayliner) with Naomi and a local friend of Andy and Scott's, and motored along to a lakeside restaurant. Then we parked in the middle of the lake and sang songs at the top of our lungs -- badly -- along to Andy's iPod, which was hooked into the boat's radio. Was a lot of fun. :)

Getting back, however, I discovered that the spam load had killed my antispam solution once more; mail was being dropped, lost, spam was getting through when it shouldn't, generally it was just a horrible mess. So I ripped things apart -- and frustrated myself immensely in the process -- and rebuilt the antispam/antivirus for Noderunner and Legendary /again/. This time, I'm fairly certain it'll work reliably, so here's hoping. It's even more complicated, involving sender reverse validation and all kinds of wacky stuff to detect forged e-mail addresses and whatnot. However, so far, it's already stopped a good several thousand(!) spam messages.

I am, however, immensely disgusted by the entire spam thing. The fact that a dedicated server dies under the load, that I have had to literally stress myself out over trying to find a workable solution so my e-mail still WORKS... it's insane. It's not right. Considering spammers have all this talk about 'we don't send mail where we're not wanted' or whatnot, it infuriates me that I have to go to these lengths to protect my systems from what is, in effect, destructive mail, since it can constitute a Denial of Service attack. It is just plain not right. At all.

Grumph. Anyway, immensely tired.
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