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Shout-out from Connecticut

So, I'm here in lovely Brookfield, CT; at present, it's rather warm and sunny out (which was actually nice this morning for reasons I'll get into shortly), and I'm sitting here in the Cerulean Studios offices with my co-workers, hacking away on Trillian. Yay! It's rather nice actually to have everyone in one single spot, seeing what everyone's working on together and stuff. Really builds up excitement for the next release!

My plane ride out was first class, surprisingly. Turns out that there was a misprint on the ticket pricing or something, so Scott leapt on the first-class (which was cheaper than coach!) and they honored it. Mark one up for US Airways, I guess.

Arrived in Hartford and went to pick up my rental car. Let's just say... whatever fiscal responsibility was involved in getting the tickets went out the window on the car reservation! A red 2004 Mustang convertible is not what I expected as my rental car, believe you me! But I got set up, got the keys, and headed off to Danbury (where my hotel is). Got checked in and set up, and that was nice, then met up with Kevin, Scott and Kid for a late dinner after Kid's bus got in.

Next day it was raining, and Kid and I got settled in at temporary stations in the Cerulean offices. Poor Kid's cellular phone ran out of batteries, so it was forwarded to the office line until recharge. Worked late, but everyone's getting psyched about the new release, which is great. Drove back to the hotel, lazed about for a bit, watched CSI: Miami reruns, and slept.

This morning, it's gorgeous out, but Kid overslept. I waited in the lobby of the hotel, no Kid. At 9:00am (when we should've been getting to the office), I tried calling the room. No answer. Called Scott, got Kid's cellular number. Called the number... whups! It's still forwarding to the office. Finally went up and pressed the doorbell (the hotel rooms have DOORBELLS) until I roused the sleeping artist. Since it was such a nice day out, we put the top down on the Mustang as we drove in, and now we're all getting ready to break for lunch.

Whew! Anyway, we'll work all this week, we have Saturday as buffer, and Sunday I fly home. Then I have a little while before I have to fly anywhere again. :)
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