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[LastPage] First Editing Round, Writing Thoughts

As some of you know, shadowfey and I have been coauthoring a novel called The Last Page, using a bit of an experimental process. We rough out scenes together, and then edit them into proper prose format, and pass them back and forth for further editing. This has allowed a great deal of work to be done on the story, to the tune of about 60,000 words in roughly two weeks. As a novel for a first-time author tends to be between 100,000 and 120,000 words, from what I understand, this is a fairly significant chunk of a book!

It is nice to feel the story flowing so readily each time we sit down to extend the plot and add more scenes. I have come to realize that while I am at least passably good with ideas, my problem is that when I get writer's block I tend to hit my head on a wall instead of just plowing ahead. Co-authoring seems to counter this, because if I hit a writers-block pothole, the other person can help get me past it, and vice versa. The practical upshot of which is that we haven't gotten hung up on writers block at all, allowing a lot of story to flow quickly.

The downside, of course, is the editing backlog we're amassing! With Fey's desktop having met an untimely demise and thus stalled us slightly, I decided to step up and work on editing the backlog myself, doing a first pass rather than tossing it back and forth. I am hoping that by July, I will have been able to revise all that we have and can put it together into a sane draft format.

Tonight, I tackled the opening, and tossed a snippet out onto the proofreader mailing list we have, in hopes of getting a little feedback. See, I'm not completely certain whether or not the story might flow better in first-person, now that I'm looking at it; we have only one viewpoint character, Timothy, and he's the only one whose inner thoughts are ever revealed. Still, it doesn't seem bad in third-person, even if I am starting to consider that first-person might be more effective.

(Fey, I'm going to try and do an entire pass over what we have -- keeping it third-person for now -- and break it up in a saner way, as well as tweaking some things in the earlier scenes, and then I'll toss the files back to you, hopefully by then you'll have your desktop back. Check over the scene on the proofreading list, to see if you think it flows better and has a natural scene break, and let me know. We'll talk more soon, since I think if we don't rein ourselves in a bit, we could conceivably go waaaaay over the 120,000 word mark.)

Meanwhile, I sleep now. Zzzz....
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