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FF Sparks (Casual)

Texan Casualty

While the trip was nice, my beloved blue Parker fountain pen has died. It's so hot here that the inside kind of melted and felt apart! *sob* I wonder if I can get it fixed at home or something. I do still have my red one, but I loved the blue one. It was the one that lived in my purse and went everywhere with me.


That's why I didn't move to Austin.... too damn HOT! I'm surprised you didn't fry along with your pen, as fair as you are....
I stayed indoors as much as possible. Did get slightly sunburned, though.
Well, why were you leaving your purse out in the sun? ;) That's why we have a/c. :)
I didn't! It was in the nice, air-conditioned guest house! But we turned off the A/C (or turned it way down) when we were gone all day one day, and apparently it was too much for the pen. Or maybe one of the times we were in the cars driving places or something. *sniffle*

Like the new userpic, btw.
I'll try to fix it when you get home. And if that doesn't work we can send it in for repair. You probably just need a new refill and a thorough cleaning.