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What deity did I piss off?

So far, in the past two weeks, I...
  • ...have had to fly back east to attend a funeral. This also involved the cancellation/rescheduling of my flights due to airline shuffling.
  • ...have enjoyed a nice sinus infection. New motto for air travel: do not take a cross-country flight with a sinus infection.
  • ...have had to suffer through the decay of my workplace, both in management and in morals.
  • ...learned that I will probably be working mandatory overtime.
  • ...am probably having to get rid of my cats.
  • ...had a tire blow up (literally, shredded) on the front of my car, while on the freeway.
Can I take a vacation now?

I'm really no longer sure whether to be angry (about work stuff and the cats), depressed (about everything in general), or what. I've hit a point where I'm literally too spiritually/emotionally exhausted to feel much of anything, though. Whee.
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