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FF Sparks (Casual)

What deity did I piss off?

So far, in the past two weeks, I...
  • ...have had to fly back east to attend a funeral. This also involved the cancellation/rescheduling of my flights due to airline shuffling.
  • ...have enjoyed a nice sinus infection. New motto for air travel: do not take a cross-country flight with a sinus infection.
  • ...have had to suffer through the decay of my workplace, both in management and in morals.
  • ...learned that I will probably be working mandatory overtime.
  • ...am probably having to get rid of my cats.
  • ...had a tire blow up (literally, shredded) on the front of my car, while on the freeway.
Can I take a vacation now?

I'm really no longer sure whether to be angry (about work stuff and the cats), depressed (about everything in general), or what. I've hit a point where I'm literally too spiritually/emotionally exhausted to feel much of anything, though. Whee.


Why would you have to get rid of the cats? :(

Not like they're harmful or anything. ;p

Re: Why would you have to get rid of the cats? :(

Because they're messy/smelly, and the landlord says they go or we do, despite having signed a pet agreement. However, I don't think that after the nifty self-cleaning litterbox and the big clean-up, that there's still any cat smell... he's still holding firm.

Then again, this is also the guy who - when I got locked out of the apartment - kicked me out of my own car in the garage, in the space I pay for, threatening to report me for loitering. (I was sitting in the car to stay warm, because my roommate was asleep and I'd gotten locked out.) The same guy who said no non-tenants are allowed on the property un-escorted; I've actually gotten in trouble once for buzzing in a UPS delivery person with a package (my laptop docking station) instead of going down to the first floor, letting them in, and escorting them back up to my apartment (they needed a receipt for delivery that I had in the apartment). Heaven forbid my friend Max ever be caught taking a cigarette break outside the building without someone there to escort him; we actually received a formal warning letter about that.

Did I mention that moving is starting to look more and more attractive? :P

Re: Why would you have to get rid of the cats? :(

So much for the downtown view, eh? ;p

That pretty much sucks all 'round. Don't be forced to give up your cats though. Maybe your folks can keep them at the house until you can find a more pet-friendly housing arrangement?

Save the Kittys!

Ack! Poor kitties, poor you! I hope you find some way to find a place where you don't have to give them up. Sounds like a Nazi camp not an apartment building. Maybe you can find a better home for yourself, roomie and kitties?