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FF Sparks (Casual)

Random Geeky Question

Anyone out there ever worked with OpenAFS? If so, what are the pitfalls or methods needed to convert a live Linux server over to OpenAFS (preferably remotely)? I'd like to convert Noderunner boxes to using OpenAFS, which would let me do all kinds of niftycool stuff between them, and would be good for allowing me to mount my UNIX servers right there under MacOS...

Advice/warnings/whatever appreciated.


Do you know if Coda or Intermezzo will work with OpenAFS? I know that OpenAFS is interoperable with the old AFS stuff -- since OpenAFS is what the original AFS turned into, thus uses the original AFS code -- and I know that the MacOS AFS support is based off of OpenAFS.
Sounds like you're having a kickin' vacation there, Rach. Yeesh. :)
Have you ever known me to stop working even when on vacation?

Plus, honestly, I'm getting twitchy. I saw Firan fall over with minor database corruption -- caught it in time -- today, and so I'm suddenly feeling the urge to bind all my servers together in a fileserver cluster so I can have easy access and redundancy. It'd be nice to have segfault's space available on snafu in a pinch, and so on.
We've been tempted to confiscate her laptop. Or put a moratorium on Certain Topics.
I work with it pretty extensively now, and I'll be building a new AFS cluster come June...oh wait, its here ;)

its a pain to work with, honestly, it can be flaky and temperamental at best, now granted, the key and file servers are all on the same boxes (only 2 instead of 4) so its probably no wonder.

As far as OpenAFS working, it works very well, it just has no interop with FreeBSD, which is a major issue where we are. Got around this though with samba and smbfs on the afs filesystems.
Really? From what I've heard, OpenAFS 1.3.x (current 'unstable' line) works fine under FreeBSD 5.2; it's just trrying to use the two 'stable' branches (i.e. FreeBSD 4.x and OpenAFS 1.2.x) where you're SOL. S'why I'm upgrading my 'random messing around' FreeBSD server to 5.2, to try it out. Though really, I'm considering just wiping glitch clean and installing Linux to try out OpenAFS if FreeBSD can't do it.
actually, it sorta works, its not stable at all, I've been testing it here, and I can reliably get a 5.2.1 machine to crash on afs rm.
Ah. :/

Home file server, RedHat Linux here we come.
Is there a reason you don't want/can't use NFS?

We're not running Linux (for anything, at this point), but we do use NFS to exchange files between the SGI IRIX boxes and Panther/Jaguar OS X machines all the time.