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FF Sparks (Casual)

The War for Middle Earth

So, finally played my birthday present from Brent last night; it's Lord of the Rings edition Risk.

It's not normal Risk. Not by a long shot. There's all sorts of extra rules, accounting for good and evil armies, there are quests, and you have to -- in addition to the normal wars of expansion and attrition -- worry about keeping the One Ring and the Fellowship out of the hands of evil armies; if they successfully find the Ring, then the game immediately ends and evil wins. It's rather more complex than Risk.

It's a little confusing at first, especially when you've not played Risk in years. But after a while, you get kinda into it. There was a bit of glee involved in the men of Gondor and Rohan taking Fangorn (and Isengard), and taking Minas Morgul. And I swear my one teensy elvish archer who was defending Rivendell after all other forces had fallen must've been Legolas; he took out something like five or six attacking armies before he finally fell!


Sounds pretty cool, I've always liked Risk a lot. :-)
Is this a board game or computer game? It sounds really cool.
Board game. Risk is one of the old classic strategic board games, conquer-the-world stuff. This is a variant on Risk set in Middle Earth. :)
I should play the good guys next time, that way you have an excuse to team up on me. ;>
The only way we ever can take you down is by teamwork! You and your freakishly lucky dice rolls.

"Gosh, the only way I can avoid losing this vital territory would be to roll two sixes... oh! Look, two sixes. I will now proceed to do a victory dance in the kitchen while Jen and Rachel glare at me!"

Sounds like a really cool game. I'll have to talk to my brother and dad and see if we want to find it and try it out. :)