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FF Sparks (Casual)

OS X Updates

For those who haven't already used one of the interim hacks to fix the Help Viewer URL exploit for OS X which was publicized earlier this week -- or even for those who have -- Apple has released a security update. So just go run Software Update, and you should be taken care of. :)


I guess the slashdotting finally got thru. *sigh* Hopefully they'll actually learn from this experience, unlike certain other software companies which shall remain the Nameless One...
Well, in fairness, from what I understand they found out about the exploit at about the same time as it was posted.

I'd rather they address it but take a couple days to examine the exploit completely and make sure it's completely eradicated than that they rush through a half-done patch (as the Nameless Company in your comment has done) which doesn't really solve the problem and has to itself be patched. So I think they took the right approach.
I agree that it shouldn't be rushed... but if you look at what Peter said (quoted in my post on the subject), this has been out there for a while.

Apple's still quite a bit more responsive than the vast majority of proprietary vendors, though, I'll give'm that. Which reminds me, I need to restart the Mac I'm typing on, since I've got the patch down now.