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More Kumo...

So, after calling me this morning to tell me the night doctor had said he didn't think there's much more that can be done and saying we should be ready to put him to sleep today, mom called back /again/ to say the daytime doctor is guardedly optimistic again.

At any rate, the final decision for Kumo rests with my brother; Kumo was his Christmas and birthday present one year, because he really, really wanted a dog. While Kumo's the family pet, lives with my parents, and my dad and I took care of him while mom was in New York for a year and Michael was in the army, it's still really Michael's call in the end, and Michael's determined that we're going to do absolutely everything possible to try and bring him through.

I'm just kind of exhausted at this point. He's been visited by his family today, at least, but I'm not sure what more we can do.
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