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FF Sparks (Casual)

Kumo Again

Mom called. The doggy's gotten a lot worse. The doctors are no longer guardedly optimistic. They're going to see what happens overnight, but... well, it's now been a week almost since he fell sick. He's not in pain, since he's sedated and on painkiller. But still, tomorrow, we need to start discussing whether or not to put him to sleep instead of letting him linger. :(


*hug* I'm so sorry, honey.
I'm so sorry! If there's anything I can do, including being an available shoulder, let me know.
*hugs* It's hard. I know, I've been there three times already. You always want to hold out hope. Take comfort in the fact that Kumo has had many wonderful, happy years with you and now at the end of his life, he'll happily be surrounded by the people he's loved so dearly and will peacefully drift off to a restful sleep.
There's still a chance, but not a very big one. They'll know either way in a while...

Haven't been able to sleep at all. :(