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Kumo Update et al

They gave Kumo an ultrasound today, after getting him stable. (I.e., he's not getting any /worse/, and he did get slightly better, but he's still a very sick doggy.) They have some ideas on what they can do, and have said they're 'guardedly optimistic' about his chances. We're sort of daring to hope now. They've narrowed it down to a poison-reaction, something toxic having gotten into his system, but have no idea what it is yet, or how it got there. Fingers crossed!

Went out for a walk after work today, to get in exercise. I went by my thinking niche, the place where I go when I want to sit and just think quietly or brainstorm for things. The niche itself is not very impressive or interesting, but the view from the niche more than makes up for that. I also took my new digicam and took photos of it. (And of lots of boats in the area, and kites, and the old gas refinery equipment that's been turned into play structures, and so on.)

Found out bayushi had forgotten that amezuki had plans tonight, so dinner plans got erroneously made and then cancelled, so I'm gonna figure out what to do for the evening.
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