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Birthday, and Kumo Update

No one in the family really slept last night. Kumo was surrounded by people sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags so he wouldn't be alone, but everyone was too worried to actually sleep. This morning, he was even worse, and collapsed again, so went back to the hospital.

Over the course of the day, he continued to fade more and more. Now, Kumo's one of the favorite patients of our vet office, because he's normally so even-tempered and ready to play with the doctors. They stayed late today, trying to rally him around even as he continued to fade.

In the evening, I went over to my parents' for birthday dinner. My brother was late arriving, and while we were waiting for him, we got a call from the vet. They had made arrangements to transfer him to a specialist hospital who had more equipment and who were some of the best out there. They could keep Kumo overnight and try to make him comfortable, or we could come get him and take him to the other hospital right away. The doctor said that if Kumo were his dog, he'd be moving him tonight. So we dropped everything, called my brother and told him to meet us at the vet, and we ran to get Kumo.

We made him as comfortable as possible and drove up to Lynnwood and dropped him off. We stuck around for about two hours, waiting for word from the doctors. Finally, we got some...they think they may be able to rally him and help him pull through (here's hoping!), and gave us a rundown of the things they'll be doing. Then we all headed back, ate a somewhat subdued dinner, and I headed home.

When I got home, I found Jen and Brent's birthday presents waiting for me; Jen got me a really nice shirt, and Brent got me Lord of the Rings Risk, so I can conquer Middle Earth instead of plotting death and destruction as a GM. Thank you to wonderful roommates.

To pass the time, my brother and I played with the digital camera I got from my parents for my birthday, and I actually -- for a change -- got two decent pictures of him. So for those who wonder what my baby brother (who is like a foot taller than me and has hands which can crush a coconut, so I shouldn't call him 'baby brother') looks like, here's a quick glimpse to close out the post...

Michael at the vet while we waited for news.
Michael at dinner afterwards.
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