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So, Kumo actually collapsed on Friday and was taken to the vet hospital then; my parents didn't want to worry me right then and 'ruin my weekend.' He'd been in the hospital since Friday, and hasn't eaten anything in all that time. Even water is making him throw up a rather unpleasant bile-like substance, and he /smells/ sick... I don't know how to describe it. He just doesn't smell like Kumo.

We sat with him, even though he didn't have strength to do too much. He couldn't stand up or sit down well. They had him on an IV for a while, but that didn't seem to make things too much better. They don't know what's wrong, and want to X-Ray him and some other things tomorrow, but for now they said they couldn't do anything more tonight and that we should take him home to be in comfortable, familiar surroundings. He couldn't climb into the car; we had to lift him up into it, and lift him down at the house, and carry him to the couch. Along the way, he threw up on me a few times. And there's nothing more heart-rending than seeing your dog unable to muster the strength to lick your face in greeting, because he can't lift his head that far. It's doubly painful for it to be a dog who's always been so vital and energetic like Kumo.

At home, he's a little better... he's been walking, slowly, between the living room and the kitchen, though hasn't eaten anything. We lifted him onto the couch to sleep, and dad's been sitting there reading to keep him company. There's still a chance he could pull through, but my parents have talked to the doctors and have stressed to me that I should probably be ready to say goodbye.

He'll be eleven years old this September, which is old for a large dog, and even older for a dog with wolf blood. I know he's had a good run of it. He's lucky that he's been able to remain active and strong and healthy, save for arthritis and some allergies, for that entire time. But that doesn't make it any easier. He's my big white direwolf, and I don't like to think about losing him. :(
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