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Durnit, amurderofcrows! After all your LJ-babbling about Full Metal Alchemist, I had to go see what the heck the series was about, and surprisingly, I'm really enjoying it. It's got steampunk elements... all the cars with the steam tubes, the automail, and so on... and I have to respect a girl like Winry who can go so utterly overboard in a technical equipment shop. ;)

That said, last night, shadowfey and I started in on a new story idea. Something we're fleshing out via RP, but could easily turn into an actual written story, down the line. It's the first time in literally months that I've stayed up so late to RP, the first time in months I've let someone else take the helm and played instead of been the GM. It was great to just be a player again, very relaxing and rewarding; we have a great beginning to a story, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Plus, it's dark urban fantasy, which is always fun. Some poor sap discovering there's a whole other world they aren't aware of, but -- unfortunately -- which is already well aware of them.

That said, I overslept horribly; I went to bed at like 5:30am and didn't get up until 12:15 or so! *yaaaawn*
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