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Reasonably watchable movie, if for no other reason than nude Brad Pitt.

However, the story didn't ring wholly true to the Illiad. Without giving any spoilers, people died who shouldn't have, people DIDN'T die who shouldn't have, and so on. It was also very, VERY pro-Trojan. The Greeks were the rapacious, greedy, evil barbarians, assaulting the gates of this glorious, innocent city, with the exception of Achilles (who was turned into a typical Hollywood hero over the course of the film) and Odysseus, who was the only Greek who seemed to have the mental acuity to figure out which way his armor went on, I swear.

Really, overall, only Hector and Odysseus had two brain cells to rub together to make a spark, so, whatever. Golden age, my ass... age of flaming idiots. And I kept expecting Odysseus to look at Agamemnon and remark a'la Boromir, 'Greece has no king. Greece needs no king.' Or maybe that was just wishful thinking because of how loathsome most of the Greek characters were made out to be.

Still, even if I don't entirely buy Brad Pitt as Achilles, nude Brad Pitt was still worth the price of a matinee. Especially oiled nude Brad Pitt.

EDIT: Yes, it's been pointed out to me that the film is an attempt to make it a pure war story, removing the direct intervention of the gods. I know that, and approve of that; it was a worthy cause. I also liked that Achilles was made a little less two-dimensional than previous versions. However, there were changes to the story which didn't ring true to me, and I honestly /did/ come away with the feeling that the majority of the characters didn't have the common sense of a rutabega. That, to me, made it a weaker film. It wasn't as bad as it could've been, and I /did/ enjoy watching it, it seemed not to really live up to the promise in the conclusions.
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