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FF Sparks (Casual)

Bye-bye, Grady's

Grady's grillhouse -- Jen, Brent and my favorite pub/sports bar -- has closed.

For those who didn't get dragged to Grady's by us, it was incredible, a place which was not only a sports bar, but had phenomenally good food. Best caesar salad, really good sandwiches and burgers, exceptional snacky things, and the BEST dessert, an orgasmically good brownie sundae.

We hadn't been for a little while, and had decided to indulge tonight, go to Grady's and get a brownie sundae. And as we pulled up, we discovered... no more Grady's. The owner's gotten old and retired. *sniffle* Wish old man Grady well, but, durnit, now we'll need a new hangout. Then again, I suppose with Jen going away, it's the end of an era anyway, and Brent and I can just revert to the pizza place we like (and Jen doesn't) as a 'indulge' hangout.

On that note, does anyone know someone in Seattle who'd be willing to pay $400/month for a bedroom in a three-story townhouse with high-speed Internet, cable, TiVo et al? No smokers. Jen moves out at the end of June, so we need to start really looking seriously for a roommate.


I think I might know someone who's moving to Seattle at the end of June... she doesn't smoke.

-- ZC
I'LL TAKE IT! </lucy>
You just want to move to the bigger bedroom. ;P
I would, but... I don't live in Seattle. :)
I think combined with all the other equipment and computers in the house, your collection of technogadgetry would probably not fit into this building anyway. ;)
If I lived in Seattle....

Wait, no. Brent can't have animals there, can he? Bah! :)
No more Grady's? Noooooooo! ;_;
Pardon me, this probably seems totally random, but... did you find someone to rent that room yet? If not, greyh would be interested. I realize my vouching for him doen't mean much, since you don't know me either, however, I've known him about twenty years and he lived in our spare room for a few months when he first moved out here. Top notch roommate, if you still need one.