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FF Sparks (Casual)

Feel the Burn

Well, I decided to go for a walk today. Get out, do something, feel like I'm not always sitting at the computer, or at my desk. So I grabbed my keys and just walked out the door at 4:50pm.

I walked back in the door at 7:40pm. About two and a half hours. I walked down to the park, walked along the lakeshore and stopped to sit for a while and watch the boats, walked through the jogging trail that passes through the Adobe campus, walked west along the canal as far as I could, turned around, walked back, walked through Fremont and back up the hill past the troll to my house. Lay down on the bed to read, and kinda splatted.

I don't actually feel as tired as I thought I would, though there's a bit of ache that's now mostly faded (thank you Ibuprofen), but as I was walking down one of the unpaved parts, I slipped on a rock and my right ankle now keeps twinging. Still, it was good exercise, and I think I'll try to go do it again tomorrow. I think I got a bit more in shape than I expected during my time in Philly; Sally and I walked the dogs each day, and I walked into Narberth or around Wynnewood a lot, since the car was dead for the weekend.

Saturday, I'm going to go to Tacoma with Jen to see Troy with her sisters, and Sunday I go do some errands with my parents briefly, and at some point may also be helping amezuki and bayushi move the last of their things into storage. Still, I bet I can get some more walking in.


Timing. *snug* Take care, will talk to you tomorrow night.
You probably sat down very near this geocache or at least passed it, if I figured out your route right in my mapping program. Though I must admit, there's not a huge number on your side of the penensula, more on the U of Wash side. Though it wouldn't be hard to fix that, especially considering the crowd you've got up there. :)

(One of these days I'll suck you into my hobby... One of these days.)
If I'm not misreading those maps, that geocache is pretty much five minutes walk from my house.
Hey, I thought we were doing moving stuff on Saturday. Let's just cancel for this week, as amezuki has gotten himself into a Sunday TT game...actually, would you like to go out on Sunday, just us, without amezuki?
I need a working email address for you, since the one I've got isn't working.
Try again? (The domain went down, but it's paid up for another year, so it's back.)

Barring that, do you have my hotmail addy? If not, I'll email it to you.
I never got a time or schedule from you guys for that, so failing knowing my schedule for the day, I agreed to see Troy at 4:00pm. :) As long as I can get to Tacoma by then, I can help you guys with the moving in the morning.
Yay for walking! When my back's not acting up, I could walk and walk for hours! I'm glad you've discovered the joys of it. :)