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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I needed to find something to occupy myself with. When I was younger, my brother and I used to do claymation animation; I made the characters, he made the sets, and both of us did the animation and writing. I hadn't tried in like twelve years, but I picked up some claymation clay tonight and gave it a try. I have nothing to film with, but I was trying to make a critter with some character, but mostly to see if I could still make a posable character. Alas, I had no pipecleaners or BendyBone, so poor Chiryuu (I couldn't think of a better name for him, it just means 'little dragon', because he ended up looking vaguely dragonlike) doesn't have as much strength in his joints and limbs as I'd like, but he was a decent practice, especially considering I hadn't tried in twelve years or so! And he came out fairly posable overall.

Hi, I'm Chiryuu!

I wanna play!

Ooh, what's over here?

Toys! I can climb on this!

I wonder if they let dragons play on MUSHes...

Tired now. Done playing!


That is -really- cute.
It's the tongue, right? The tongue's what really pushes it over the top... :)
Yeah, the tongue does it. But I like the tongue - it's adorably cute!
I admit, while he looks completely wrong for it, I keep thinking he should be saying 'Gleep?'
Nicely done character! And yeah, the tongue does it.. First shot isn't as cute as the follow ons with the tongue.

But if I might make an alternate suggestion as to a hobby to deal with boredom, and coincidentally, give you that break you were mentioning wanting, I'd suggest picking up a GPS unit (SportsTrak from Magellan works nicely) and start Geocacing. There's several caches up in your neck of the woods, and you could also have the fun of placing new ones as well.

It'd get you out of the house, away from computers for a few hours. Not to mention some nice hiking (either city kind or rural kind.)

Just a thought.. It is my adiction; I must inflict it upon others.
You realize the only thing that's stopped me from becoming completely obsessed with Geogaching is the fact that I don't have a gps.

Especially as when I amused myself with the website one day I found one that looks as if it's probably walking distance from my apartment. It's named after the street I live on -- and it's not a long street!
Target has a GPS for $99, though I like the one from Walmart for $137 better. Either way, not everyone can afford it... But for urban caches, a good mapping program or website would be fine; that'll get you within 50 feet of it (the same as the $99 gps unit) and getting the last few dozen yards shouldn't be all that difficult.

Give it a shot! (and then become addicted and buy a gps and bring along your digital camera to take pictures and...)
his name is chiryuu, and the kanji, as you should know, is 小竜...
but it could also be read as Oryuu, like the name Ogawa 小川 or Oyama 小山
I guess he could also be Shouryuu, but that sounds tooooo much like soysause (syouyu)

Ok, back to reading Morning Musume manga (*crys cause she has become a mo-musu fan... but my girlfreind joined the fanclub when we went to their concert!)
Yep. Like I said, 'little dragon.' (I can only enter Kanji workably into web-forms when I'm on the Mac, Windows gets unhappy for whatever reason.)

I actually considered 'Shouryuu' specifically because of the soysauce similarity, and it amused me, but I decided the vast majority of people on my friends list wouldn't actually get the joke. ;)

And thank you for the comment; glad you think he's cute.