December 4th, 2005


[General] Life, Writing, and Everything

Basic update on the world of Sparks in general.

Friday, had plans but they fell through. Both of us involved had near-car-accidents; in my case, some yahoo ran a stop-sign right by my house, whipping past in front of me and tearing off. They actually messed up the stupid little license plate border of my front plate (which had come loose and was poking out beyond the bumper), but the car is otherwise fine.

I figure the loss of a $15 piece of plastic that came with the car is getting off lightly, but I was still shaken up. It made a really, really nasty noise and at first I thought I'd lost my bumper or something. Yeeg.

Saturday, I settled down at Peet's Coffee and just wrote. I took an older story idea and wrote the whole thing in one sitting (and even worked in one of the quotes in my earlier writing post). It could still use a little polish, but I think it could work... and it's also my first steampunk story in quite some time. A return, no less, to the steampunk universe I had created some years ago. And I'm reasonably happy with it, though want to tweak it a bit before I send it anywhere.

Then it was off to Vanguard. Vanguard was fun, though this time Vonda didn't make it. Did spend some time talking with amy_thomson (who never updates her LJ) about fountain pens; I sold her on the merits of the Parker Sonnet and Cross ATX, and she espoused the wonders of Pilot's Namiki line of pens. We discussed the Waterman Carené that is on sale at the U Bookstore, and a source of much temptation to me. Also chatted with Jordin and Mary Kay a bit, and generally socialized before heading home.

Today, mostly did some housework, then met with shadowfey and bayushi and the Tadlet for lunch. Tadlet threw a tantrum and they headed off early, I did a little writing, then came home and did more housework.

Now? Sleep.