November 6th, 2005


[Seattle] Dinner Places?

Okay. So, as some of the local Seattle folks know, I often organize informal little dinners after, or coffee-breaks during, the signings that the U Bookstore runs. With only 3-4 people at one usually, this is no problem.

Somehow, my informal dinner after the signing on the 21st has turned into a bit bigger deal than usual. There are at least 7 confirmed attendees (and about 5 more tentative attendees). And one of the confirmed attendees is the author himself, as book tour organizers are notoriously bad about feeding their authors and he's keen on the idea of not passing out due to malnutrition. This is understandable, but adds the caveat that we can't leave until the signing is done. This means about 10pm, maybe a little earlier.

(Plus, I think UBS may be a wee bit optimistic in assuming that this signing will end at 9 and it will only take an hour to sign stock for the store.)

So I'm trying to find a place that is open late on Mondays, will take a party of up to 15 people at 10pm, isn't too loud (sports bars are right out), and isn't an overly long drive from the U District. So far, everywhere I've looked into fails one of those criteria. Stella's, not open on Monday. Jai Thai, maybe too loud. Blue Star (the usual Vanguard hangout), closes at 11 and the kitchen closes at 10. Etc.

Any other Seattlites have some thoughts before I continue to look?

[Vanguard] November Vanguard

Yesterday was a ludicrously busy day. Haircut, makeup consultation, checking with the shop about getting a tune-up appointment for Skuld, grocery shopping, critiquing manuscripts for Anna-con next weekend, trying desperately to find a restaurant (see post immediately previous to this), and finally going to Vanguard.

Now, over the past year, I've turned into a somewhat more social creature. I've always been a sort of oddly dual person; at heart, I'm very shy and not good at opening up, but I also like to have company. (This is, perhaps, part of why I got a puppy; that and her amazing cute-factor are the two things that keep her alive when she cheerily runs around the yard for 15 minutes at 7am, then comes inside just in time to poop on the doormat.)

At any rate, I've always been good at putting on a social 'mask,' though it could exhaust me. But over the past year, between writing groups and TUN and Vanguard and the Evergreen Equestrian community and all, I've been out and social more. And getting better at just socializing instead of wearing the social mask. But this past month or so, the puppy has kept me so busy that I don't get to socialize much outside of my riding lessons and when people come to visit. I think that'd been affecting my mood.

So Vanguard was a great break, even though I walked there in the freezing rain rather than drive 10 blocks and find parking. Chatted with Vonda and Hank about writing and critiques. Discussed Weird Al Yankovic and parodies/satire in general. At some point, Hank and I got drawn into a comparative discussion of Broadway musicals and he told me about Forbidden Broadway.

This is, evidently, a periodically revised revue mocking whatever's hot on Broadway. The latest volume ('Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit') has a brilliant send-up of Wicked. Earlier ones mocked Stephen Sondheim ('Into the Words,' about his tongue-twisting lyrics) and Mandy Patinkin ('Somewhat Overindulgent,' to the tune of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' making fun of his occasionally over-the-top on-stage emoting). (And before certain nameless aspiring Broadway performers comment on that one, the mockery was in good fun! I like Sondheim's musicals, and you know I'm a fan of Mandy Patinkin's work both on stage and film! Don't hit me!)

The butterscotch cookies were also well-received, though I just realized I left the empty tupperware there afterwards. Whups...! Got a ride home with Hank afterwards. In all, much good socializing! I really needed that break.

Though I still gotta find a restaurant. Waugh.
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