November 4th, 2005

Riding, Roman

[Riding] Just What The Doctor Ordered

So, I've been having what could politely be described as 'a really bad week.' One of those weeks where things just keep going wrong, until you finally are at the point of 'if one more thing goes wrong, I'm going to snap and just break down.' I'd been telling myself that riding would be the therapeutic balm to make the week better.

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Week's still been lousy but somehow, I feel at least a little more equipped to cope with it.
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[Writing] Storyline Patent...?!

Via the SFWA boards, a really disturbing Groklaw story about some yahoo who is trying to patent storylines and the expressions thereof.

If I'm reading this right, Mr. Knight is trying to patent his storyline (about an amnesiac college student)? And then he's going to then offer a service to patent plots for people?

Gosh, I wonder if I can get Mr. Knight to patent the Joseph Campbell mythological and 'hero's journey' archetypes for me. I could make millions! :P

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[Geek] Bookophile Geektoy

Found this amusing toy in Julie Czerneda's writing group:

I had fun following SF/fantasy writers around for a while. Then I started doing other authors. I was pleased to see Stephen Fry end up in P.G. Wodehouse's map, though surprised to see Lloyd Alexander there.

I was also amused (though NOT surprised) to see Jasper Fforde end up in Anthony Trollope's map, since after shadowfey introduced me to him, I ended up describing him to my aunt as "Imagine if Anthony Trollope tried to write Discworld, and you'll be in the right general neighborhood."
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