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So, we've eaten at Caviston's a few times lately, which is a little old diner in Narberth which has been refurbished and spruced up a bit. The food is rather good, as we found when we tried them for lunch on Thursday; since then, Sally and I have eaten there for lunch today, and aninkling and I went there for dinner tonight. Hung around with aninkling for a while tonight, which was fun; it's always nice to have a face to put to the text-on-a-screen and all. Plus, I think she enjoyed the library and stuff here in the house.

Good visit overall, even if we couldn't come to full agreement in our political discussion. I should know better by now, after so many previous political talks... but hey, I'll keep trying. After all, we at least have interesting political talks. Though I still don't really agree with her suggestion on who should run as a Republican presidential candidate. Gaah! ;)

Off to bed for a while, dunno what'll happen this weekend. Sally and I will go to Meeting on Sunday, but we're thinking if it's a rainy weekend as it says it might be, we could just watch the Lord of the Rings DVDs or something. My aunt is a Tolkien geek, but only had a chance to see the first movie, and has been wanting to see Two Towers and Return of the King.

Sleepytime now shortly. Zzzz...
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