December 24th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Nifty New Toy!

So, based loosely on an idea I used on the SG-1 MUSH which kieri and I started putting together, I created a generic character application systems. It can, in theory, work for almost any statsless game, provided you have my TinyMUSH 3.1 @tag system (not Firan's; mine's a little more streamlined and requires @tags to be registered) and the 'email' module I wrote for 3.1; you simply define 'fields' for the application. Fields can be strings, multiple-choice options, an integer from within a range, or a verified e-mail address. It automatically generates a character sheet layout based on the fields, calls into user-provided code optionally to handle additional effects on characters being created, applied for, approved or denied, etc. So far, everyone who's played with the system -- especially from an admin side -- loves it. Yay!

Maybe I should package up my little set of tools like this for 3.1 for those who would find it useful. Hrm.
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