December 9th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

House-hunt concluded!

First of all...I will not sleep without painkiller again until my hand heals. Ow ow ow. I thought I'd be good and not take any medications to help me sleep, but as a result I did not get a wink of sleep last night; I'm dead tired and operating mostly on autopilot here at work. Meh. And my hand still hurts, unsurprisingly.

On the plus side, however, we found our new house.

Stephen, our current landlord, isn't /bad/, he's just impossible to get ahold of. The landlord of the new place is pretty cool; he really cares about keeping the house well and will handle repairs and stuff because it was his childhood home and so he's very fond of the house.

The house is very nice; it's an old, old house with a lot of character and charm (right down to old-style leaded-glass windows), but the landlord's father was a retired engineer who had owned the house since it was built in the 30's, and he kept himself busy by making sure the house was up-to-date. Latest wiring, latest heating equipment (an uber-efficient oil heater), latest security systems, totally remodelled kitchen (with an honest-to-god Italian marble floor, and really modern appliances), etc. Really lovely. The house is nice and warm, and it has a nice dining room and nice living room and hardwood floors and stuff. We go by to sign the lease on Tuesday and get the keys.

A couple pictures are here, though they don't do the place justice. (Right now, the next-door neighbor, who rents her house from the same guy, has a few of her glassworks stored in the living room because she was rearranging her house and needed somewhere to put them temporarily, they'll be gone by the time we move in.)

Plus side, on work, Tom and I sat down and finally ironed out the last bugs between hardware and driver and testing interface and whatnot today. I'm making more API changes, but then we've got smooth sailing. I have a preliminary test script for testing setup of an RXN -- whups, sorry, AXN -- and in general I'm feeling a little less snowed-under by work now that we've cleared up the bugs. Yay for that!

Though I still want to nap. Need more Coke...
FF Sparks (Casual)

...and we wonder why our deadlines slip...

My project manager is a wonderful person. A nice guy. However, he cannot say no.

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Seems nice, right? And I was feeling good that we had gotten on target and eliminated the last nasty bugs of a fairly major revision wherein /everything/ -- API, GUI, scripting, driver and hardware -- all changed at once.

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...there went my mood. Priorities are shifting and now I have no clue which thing I'm supposed to consider higher priority to get done; I know whichever it is I work on, the other one will become the priority far too close to the deadline. My head hurts. Can I go home and sleep?
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