November 19th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)


  • Need to test executable unit on chip before December 5th. Requires executable code, task parameter list and some other things.
  • Task parameter list is not actually specified yet, won't be until December 25th or so. Minimal testing, write/read into unit registers and memory.
  • Memory can be written but not read, and registers can be written but give back a different side-effect value. Conclude only way to test is to write into memory and registers and see if board does not erupt in smoke.
  • 'Poke and Hope' testing method (as christened by project lead) will be insufficient for testing deadline. Engage in ten minutes of hysterical laughter with co-workers, then have mental breakdown.
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FF Sparks (Casual)

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I think my current mood is in part due to the fact that this flu I've had since Friday has left me unable to keep solid food down at all since Sunday, and feeling nauseous since Friday. I'm getting a tiny bit lightheaded and wacky due to lack of nutrients, and I think at this point that's probably contributing to depression and stress and my overall cynical mood.

So, in honor of that odd cynical mood, I present to you a song that actually made me laugh, even though it shouldn't have. Borrowed from fridgemagnet via way of agermain, with original credit apparently unknown.

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