November 4th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

General updates

So, it's been a while since I posted.

At work, stuff got a little odd. My boss is on his way out, there's lots of shifts in the works, and as of today I'm out of software/tools and over into the hardware group, doing silicon simulation to prepare for tape-out. Still kind of re-adjusting overall to the abruptly shifted target, though the new work is interesting. Even though it'll keep me hysterically busy.

At home, the heater being off is getting really old; I wake up in the morning and my room is freezing, and it's really difficult to force myself out of my warm and cozy bed. I take a shower before bed so that I can get dressed and get out the door, and these days when I wake up in the morning my hair is still wet; it doesn't dry until I'm in my car (with a heater) or at work. This morning, for example, my hair was still wet so I actually forgot a hairband on my way out the door so my hair is every which-way; I've gotten too used to having it pulled back out of the way, and I am remembering now just exactly how long my hair /is/ these days. Augh! Keeps getting in my face. I'm gonna need to either get it cut or put it back again, while working with all the emulation boards and test-hardware.

Tomorrow, a friend shows up to visit for a week, which will be nice. I always enjoy visits, even if I'm not always good at being social when I'm in a mood like I have been for a while. Work and some other offline stuff have had me kind of depressed lately, and it really does impair my ability to be social...but darnit, I'll do my best to do something like go to Gameworks on Thursday night for Ladies' Night, when we can play all the games free. And we could drag brent2005 along...muahaha, I can destroy him at Sky Pirates and earn a mean caricature of myself again! ;)

Other than that...I'm just kind of spacy and tired. I'm focusing, at work, but I'm having trouble focusing on anything outside of work. I think that's maybe why I'm spending so much time /at/ work lately, staying late so many nights; I'm more focused and feel a touch more 'alive' here, like I have some vague purpose in life as opposed to just sitting aimlessly at home.

So, there's me lately...not much to it.