October 25th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Off we go again...

Didn't get to meet up with jacobine or eternaldawn while down here in Austin, alas. Yesterday evening/afternoon the rain we'd had all week stopped and I got a taste of Texas weather...eegh, hot!

In about 4 or 5 hours, I head back to the airport to head home. It will be good to be home; I miss kieri and brent2005 (yah, shocking, isn't it?) and all my online friends who I haven't been able to synch up with schedule-wise or talk much with while I've been in Austin. I can't be on AIM except when I'm in the hotel room, so I can't /talk/ to people! All I have here is web access through the firewall. *sniffle*

Doesn't stop me from feeling mildly queasy at the prospect of yet another lengthy multi-hour flight, though. :/
FF Sparks (Casual)

Airport again....

At the Austin airport...plane boards in about an hour, then off to a layover in Salt Lake City, and then home. Very much looking forward to getting home!

Also had some more faintly unsettling work-news, eep. Going to try and not stress it, though.
FF Sparks (Casual)

Ode to an Airport

I'm in Salt Lake City, but not for long.

I inflicted drivel on shadowfey and astalavista, who had the misfortune to mail my mobile e-mail while I was in the Austin airport waiting for my flight. Poor astalavista didn't deserve such doggerel after she helped me keep my sanity by exchanging e-mails with me when I finished my training course early.

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FF Sparks (Casual)


I probably shouldn't be reading Reuters newsfeeds in an airport; I just read about a Senator dying...in a plane crash.

And there's my boarding call...
FF Sparks (Casual)

Book musings...

Writing this in-flight, though ii won't be posted until I land.

I am less picky with books than many people...but it also takes a lot for me to really /love/ a book as opposed to just enjoying it. I found one.

It has been some time since I had read any of Lois McMaster Bujold's stuff; I had always liked the Miles Vorkogsian books, but got a little tired of them. Recently, I found The Curse of Chalion, a fantasy novel she wrote, and picked it up for the trip.

I think it has been a very long time since a book made me cry. Or since I read something with a conclusion that felt so soul-ringingly /right/. I highly recommend it.
FF Sparks (Casual)


Back home in Seattle,
My trip is now done.
Time to go get the Beetle
From Ajax lot 1.
But first my checked luggage
I'll get from baggage claim.
(If they lost it this time.
I /will/ go insane!)
Then northward I'll speed
On Interstate 5.
I'll exit at Northgate,
And at home I'll arrive.
I'm glad that I'm home,
And I'm sure you are too;
No more airports for me
Means no drivel for you!