August 29th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)


About to get ready to go to the airport. But sometime during the 4 hours I was grabbing a nap, something bad has happened to Noderunner. I don't know what; I can get network ping responses from it but absolutely no reaction from any service. I've tossed a note to David and Max to see if there's anything either of them can do, but...they're leaving for Dragon*Con today too -- may have already left, for all I know! -- and so there's little I can do in the meantime. :(

Bad from a job-hunting perspective to have my e-mail down until Tuesday, potentially. Plus, my resume is up on my webpage there. And my mobile mail contact is on Noderunner... bleagh.
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FF Sparks (Casual)


Max is dealing with it; yay Max!

I'll restart ASiT and Twilight, if needed, from the airport. (Yay for Packet, my handheld!)

...and Jen is driving me to the airport right now. I hate flying -- at least in big jets -- but I am looking forward to seeing Fey, Max, David, Diana, Jamie et al again, and meeting Michelle and another Jamie.
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FF Sparks (Casual)


Foobar (Noderunner/Riverdark server) has a hard drive problem beyond Max's ability to deal with; he's going to have David take a shot at fixing it when he wakes up in about 30 minutes.

Why, precisely, is it that my server only has console-required problems when 1) I am out of town, or 2) Max and David are out of town or otherwise unavailable? :(
FF Sparks (Casual)

R.I.P. Noderunner...for now...

Foobar's root drive has died; after a couple years of 24/7 service, it has physically died.

What does this mean? Well, it is only the root drive, NOT the 45-gigabyte RAID array, which has died. All user data is intact. Unfortunately, the actual system cannot boot; after Dragon*Con, David is going to get a replacement root drive into the machine. Unfortunately, David and Max have to get going (and the server is three timezones away from me, so I can do nothing), so Noderunner (and Riverdark, and
etc.) is dead until Tuesday.

I realize this is an inconvenience to everyone -- trust me, not having my e-mail while job-hunting unnerves me, to say the least! -- but there's nothing else I can do. :/
FF Sparks (Casual)


I've always had odd luck with travel; if a plane is overbooked and they don't get volunteers, I will be the one "bumped" most times. My luggage periodically takes vacations without me. I've been in a (thankfully minor) crash. My preparing to go to the airport seems to cause unrelated disasters to spring up.

In short, traveling with me can, at times, be like that ancient Chinese curse; even though I get where I am going and enjoy the end result, the travel itself is often an adventure. And my travel curse still seems to apply. Collapse )

And Phoenix is flat and brown, but has no cellular roaming fee for me! (Yes, I /am/ bored...)
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FF Sparks (Casual)

Travel -- Leg 2

Amazingly, my connecting flight had no complications. Even more impressive? The in-flight movie was /good/! They showed "Life or Something Like It", which not only was filmed in Seattle, but had actual Seattle personalities in cameo roles. (For example, "Sam", the weatherman at KIRO 4 news, was played by Steve Pool, the actual KIRO weatherman.) In addition to amusing touches like that, it had a good script /and/ had one of my favorite actors, Tony Shalhoub, in it. (Shalhoub played the street prophet; he's also Jeeks -- the alien pawn-shop owner whose head is repeatedly blown off -- in both Men in Black films, and neurotic detective Adrian Monk in "Monk".)

Amazing, an enjoyable film on a flight!!

Landing in Atlanta now, will post this once I can turn on the phone part of Packet. I've had 4 hours of sleep in the past 50 or so; am tempted to sleep in the baggage claim area while waiting for shadowfey and mistresschaos's flight to get in. Nah... :)
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Found eternaldawn, and got back to the hotel.

We're in the overflow hotel, which is actually a nicer hotel (and next-door).

Apparently some of the guests are also staying here; we just shared an elevator with Lani Tupu, and Ben Browder is apparently somewhere in the hotel too (Crais and Creighton from Farscape).

I'd forgotten the D*C tradition of bumping into guests in elevators. :)