August 2nd, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Off to the movies!

So, I've had a particularly disheartening job interview early this morning; a company called me, I had a loooong phone interview, from a company who found me through a recruiter. And then at the end, they told me I was wonderful for the job, but they weren't actually /hiring/...just scouting for when they have money. And they'll keep me in mind if they start hiring. *snarl fume rant rant* I was irritated and disheartened, and went back to bed. Now Jen, Brent and I are going to go meet up with Hannah and go see movies (Goldmember and Signs, the latter being the one I really want to see), and then I'll be back this evening. I think getting out of the house for a while will do me some good.

Of course, if an emergency comes up, and I need to be reached, I'll have packet with me to get e-mail.
FF Sparks (Casual)


Wrote big entry about Jen backing the Beetle into a truck and damaging the paint...and it doesn't seem to have gone through! Anyway, Bug is okay but needs a little touch-up now. I can't help but fret because the Beetle is my baby, and so this is like watching a kid skin their knee; you know it isn't serious, but you can't help fretting. And poor Jen feels bad...

Anyway, we're at the theatre now for the first movie.