June 14th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Yicky weather

I finally figured out why I'm so insomniac; it's been unusually hot and humid here lately. All the heat and humidity rises up to the main floor of our house, where my bedroom is...it's very hard to sleep in the humidity and heat. However, the basement - where my computer is - is nice and cool and un-humid. It's the place in the house that's the most comfortable to be in, and so I tend to stay down here instead of going to bed, until I'm so exhausted that I simply /can/ fall asleep despite the humidity and heat. Bleah.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind sunny and warm weather. But usually we get about 75 degrees and fairly dry heat. 90+ degrees and humid...? I'm a Seattlite, this is enough to melt me! Whoever's weather we got, take it back!
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FF Sparks (Casual)

Antispam! YAY!

So, I just installed some antispam software on Noderunner site-wide, which seems to be working really well. It adds a slight delay to delivery, but it works very well. It analyzes messages (looking for forged Received headers, number-and-letter fake From lines, etc.) and 'scores' them. Some things take away spam points, others add spam-points. When it finishes analyzing the message, if the spam-points are over whatever threshold I've set for the system (or an individual user has set), the 'spam report' is added to the top, and a couple RFC822 headers which can be used for filtering are added.

It's really nice...it's caught most of my spam today, and it should be working well for all the users. I'm happy... spam is bad, and I like not having it! :D
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