May 28th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)


Fun con. Surreal con. Though one of my friends now has me rather cross with them.

Unfortunately, felt somewhat sick by the time I was at Steph and Adam's post-con. Started with a headache that felt very migraine-y, and a sore throat. Then I had fun stress as my flight got delayed first an hour and then ANOTHER hour, and by the time I got home after being picked up by a somewhat understandably grouchy kieri (3am is rather a less fun time to pick someone up at the airport than 12:50am), I proceeded to go and throw up everything I had eaten today. Evidently, confluenza (i.e. the inevitable flu-thing that springs up when you have lots of people from lots of places in a small space for a weekend) strikes again. At first I thought it was airsickness, but it's not going away... ugh.

*curls up* Someone shoot me. Or hang a 'plague quarantine' sign on my door.
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FF Sparks (Casual)


Harry Potter DVD. Good extra scenes, assuming you can find them!! It took us a while.

Fun to watch the movie again. Noticed lots of odd little moments with Draco which I hadn't noticed before...maybe playing the guy for several months has attuned me more to his scenes. Cheered when Slytherin initially won the House Cup and earned glares from others in the room... sodding Gryffindor sympathizers. ;)

Still sick, though. :(