May 26th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Greetings from FiranCon!

Well, so far the con's been fun. The meal at the restaurant yesterday was good, and our various games for people went off well. The fifteen-years-in-the-future Firan LARP was pretty fun, albeit twisted. David Passmore (the TinyMUSH author) played a Zutivian inquisitor, who cut a bunch of secret deals, and even married Prince Savaren to Lady Tia in secret. Then the avatar of Drik destroyed the world... we all suck, for not stopping her. EEP!

Some of us also gave photo opportunities with a bunch of guys; we piled a bunch of girls (Niki, Amanda, FJ and myself) on the bed, and then allowed a guy to lay down in the middle, get cuddled and have a pciture taken. It was amusing! I then proceded to get mildly drunk (thank you, Mike and his mixed drinks).

I did have a bit of an embarrassing moment I've taken some good-natured teasing about. At one point, basing it on an amusing story from an earlier gathering, a somewhat drunk FJ challenged Mike that if he took off his shirt, all the girls in the room would take theirs off. (All being somewhat drunk, we agreed to this with a sort of 'hey, whatever' attitude.) Mike hesitated over it for a long time, but finally did so. Of course, a few girls - Amanda and myself included - had taken off our bras after returning to the hotel room and (being drunk) were not really thinking about this... voila, totally topless! Of course, it was only for a brief view, but Nick and Mike seemed to enjoy the moment very much overall. Hey, being two guys in a room with about six topless (and two braless) girls must've been an enjoyable ten seconds. Especially since Amanda proved to have what - in the opinion of everyone present - must be the most perfect breasts ever. Nick's been sticking very close to her after that, to the point that some of us are placing bets on how long before Nick sleeps with either Niki or Amanda... with Nick, Amanda and Niki all single at the moment and sharing a bed, sexual tension between them has been palpable, and Nick keeps seeking excuses to find 'time alone' with one or the other of them. Tsk, tsk! ;)

Of course, I don't generally drink. I eventually fell asleep curled up against Mike, and woke up this morning with my first hangover ever. Ow ow ow. I've now learned why I will continue to stick with my 'don't generally drink' philosophy! Luckily I got nursed through the hangover with a plethora of (periodically contradictory), and have had a lot of fun just hanging around and chatting with folks. I have a lot of con pictures I need to copy off my camera onto the laptop and put online at some point.

In all, a pretty stock con experience, except that it's a small con where we all know each other and get to geek about Firan stuff. Lot of fun, lot of socializing, and all the major planned events are done (there's some folks playing board games down in the conference room, but it's all just socializing until people start to go home tomorrow). It's been a fun weekend overall. :)
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