May 12th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Morning musings...

Mrpfh. Didn't sleep much last night.

It's getting on towards summer weather, and my room was a bit warm last night. Now, I've slept in my underwear before when it's been hot, but this was the first time in my life I've ever slept totally nude. (NO comments, thank you!) So while I didn't sleep much, I surprisingly did sleep /better/ than I had for a while; the feel of cool cotton sheets on bare skin on a semi-hot night is a wonderful thing. Now I just need a cuddly SO to take to bed with me, right?

Don't remember what I dreamed, though, if I actually did at all.

Beyond that, I'm heading out with my brother and sister-in-law shortly while they're in town, to go to Uwajimaya and shop and get sushi and stuff. It'll be good to spend time with them; I rarely do, since they live in North Carolina! But it does also make me think, maybe I need to get out and do more stuff. I'm hard-pressed to do that right now because most things I can think of require money and I'm unemployed... $500/wk unemployment check or not, I want to save that money as long as I can since it only lasts six months. But on the other hand, I've largely been sitting around and doing nothing other than job-hunting and being online. When I was working, I had social interaction at the office, and we'd get off early on Fridays sometimes and go do things as a group or head out various places for lunch together on normal days, and generally hang out. But with the dissolution of the Silversmiths, all of us are job-hunting and not a lot's happening.

Maybe this coming Wednesday, I'll go to see some ex-'smiths who're playing live jazz at a club. I dunno... clubs have cover charges and all, which is my problem with the idea. Grumph. I have to get out of the house more and do things, though...
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FF Sparks (Casual)

Reflections on a day

Today's lesson #1: When shopping at a giant Japanese supermarket, one cannot use one's normal method of spotting one's sister-in-law from a distance in a crowd if that method happens to be 'look for the short, ubercute Japanese girl'. Problem is worsened by having sister-in-law's two younger sisters present.

Today's lesson #2: Do not introduce a 2002 Volkswagon Beetle to sister-in-law, unless you plan to let her use the car keys. (Though I think I made Reiko's day.)

Today's lesson #3: Do not go into Kinokuniya if you plan to escape with wallet intact. (I only got three CDs and four tankubon!!)

Today's lesson #4: Your younger brother is wrong if he says Ramune soda (yummy fizzy stuff with the gimmicky marble-seal for the bottle) isn't in the chilled beverages aisle.

*belated addendum*

Today's lesson #5: Do not allow your younger brother to hold your Ramune bottle at any point in time. You will first wonder why the marble is unusually difficult to dislodge, and be forced to leap backwards from the counter when the marble /is/ dislodged, as a geyser of new Peach-flavor Ramune erupts.
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