April 12th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

End of an era...

So today, Quicksilver Technologies effectively ceased to be. They are theoretically still in business, but half of the company - including my entire team - got laid off. They didn't even have the money to give us any severance pay, besides $2 for bus fare home. Though we'd been getting some vibes all week, they concealed this from the employees until the last moment.

I am a little worried financially since I just got a car, but I'm not as worried as I could be; I can probably go back to the video game company I used to work for, if worst comes to worst, and there are other companies who were interested and have been trying to hire me...but I'm still a little sad. The Silversmiths were one of the best teams I ever worked with; we were productive, we got along, we all had our own strengths and weaknesses which wove together into a unit which was greater than the sum of its parts.

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FF Sparks (Casual)

On another plus side...

I ran across the lake to 'lith and did some quick contract-sysadmin work and got $100 cash for it. Yay me?

Unfortunately, most of 'lith's folks had gone home so I didn't get to talk to Matt or Goble about whether or not they have a space to bring me back. I did hear back from Wildseed, who are still interested in me, so...