April 6th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)

Zen pottery!

So, Genki Takabayashi, a Zen Buddhist priest who my mother studied under (and who moved off to Montana a while ago) was back in Seattle for a birthday-celebration showing of his Zen pottery (which is considered some of the nicest in the US). I hadn't seen Genki since I was like, 14 or so, and so he asked my mother to see if I could attend the pottery showing.

It was kind of neat...everyone was switching between Japanese and English mid-conversation, something I haven't heard since I used to go to the temple ages ago. Genki had lots of beautiful tea-bowls...when my mother was putting price tags on some for sale (most were between sixty and ninety dollars), she found one beautiful one and asked Genki how much it would cost. "Thousand dollar. Maybe." So mom, bemused, put $1000 on the tag... roughly ten minutes later, Genki went and put a 'Sold' tag on the bowl 'just in case'. :)

I had tea, I saw Genki again for the first time in years, I saw lots of beautiful bowls, and got yet another Genki tea-bowl to bring home. It's truly scary the number of his tea-bowls around my parents' house, but this one is for my own house now. :)

In all, a nice day. When I drove there, it was sunny out and the lake was beautiful...now that the showing is over and I'm home, it's windy and cold. I guess the timing was just right. :)
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