April 4th, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)


Semagic, LochJournal... both have features I want, but not QUITE everything I want in a LiveJournal client. Waaah!

I'm seriously considering writing my own LiveJournal client, at the moment. Mostly just for my own use, but with the ability to do HTML-formatting right in the edit box... and eventually to pull in Paid User features like 'create mood icon set' and having a theme editor. Hrm... *ponder ponder ponder*
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FF Sparks (Casual)


[Wizards] % Jeanne ponders writing her own LJ client. None of them do /quite/ what she wants...
[Wizards] * Melissa giggles to Jeanne.
[Wizards] * Melissa says, "Why am I not surprised. :)"
[Wizards] ! Claire unidles
[Wizards] % Jeanne says, "Melissa - I want LJ client as a Trillian plugin. :)"
[Wizards] % Jeanne says, "I.e. I could message my journal to post to it, and friend-posts would show up as messages from them. Replies to a friend-post in the IM window would be comments..."
[Wizards] * Melissa says, "Oooooh!"
[Wizards] % Jeanne says, "I am a sick puppy, yes, but I think it'd be a cool first additional-transport plugin for Trillian. :)"
[Wizards] ! Claire laughs and looks cross-eyed and just likes reading it on the web
[Wizards] Chocolate covered Jesse says, "Jeanne, you scare me in that, "first to get a neural uplink and tests her own cybernetics on herself, hot cyberpunk chick" kind of way."
[Wizards] % Jeanne giggles. Sorry. :)
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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I actually tinkered around with some ideas for an LJ client if I write one.

Basic features:
  • Blink icon/notification on new friends posts, like any proper client does.
  • Edit window for post is in a single dialog along with security level, current music, current mood, current picture, active journal and all those other useful post options.
  • Client allows jumping directly to the journal page of any of your friends.
  • Client allows jumping directly to the page of any community you belong to.
  • Core functionality is in a DLL so other programs could use it.

Possible advanced features:
  • Ability to see /which/ friends have updated. (I.e. 'oh, look, a short update by amurderofcrows, I know three more will be along shortly, I'll wait...' -- sorry for using you as the example, Mandy!)
  • Ability to view/post comments directly from in client?
  • Ability to create and edit mood sets from client?
  • Ability to create and edit journal themes from client?
  • Ability to upload/manage userpics from client?
  • Ability to plug client into Trillian as a messaging option (I actually discussed this with the Trillian folks, sadly)

The advanced features all require workarounds, or additions to the LiveJournal protocol... and I'll probably never actually /do/ this, but it's still a vaguely tempting idea. :)
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