March 22nd, 2002

FF Sparks (Casual)


It was observed tonight that Harry@HPM, Hermione@HPM and myself (Draco@HPM) are going to be sharing a room at Dragon*Con in all likelihood. This prompted the realization that, oh my god, the fanfic authors are right! Draco really /will/ be 'sleeping with' Harry and/or Hermione!! ;P
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FF Sparks (Casual)

Musing thoughts

I've been seeing part of an ongoing dispute/feud between a friend of mine and one of their ex-roommates for quite some time now. Now, admittedly, I don't know the ex-roommate in question at all; my only contact with them was in passing once, when she and my friend were out of money and their phone was being shut off during job-hunting; I wired them money as a gift, enough to pay the phone bill. So I really know very little about this dispute, and have stayed out of it.

But recently, I've seen a little of the dispute start again. The person in question apparently posted a gloat to their journal about how they were reading locked, private friends-only posts in my friend's journal or something...I'm not really sure, since I'm just seeing people's reactions in their own journals. But aside from the sheer juvenile nature of this apparent behavior, it got me to thinking.

WHY do people act this way? It's hardly unique to this situation; look at MU*ing as a whole. You'll always find people who want to show ways to show up the wizzes, or to exploit code, or whatever. These are the same people who would happily find and exploit a bug to read staff-only bboards without reporting it, gloating to their friends about it and how they can 'get around security' and 'find out private information'. Yet if they happened to RP in a room with a dark staffer who they didn't know was there, they'll whine and moan about how their privacy was violated, etc.

On any sort of structured RP MU* (as opposed to just a social/casual RP setting), you'll have people who want to 'fight the power'. They have an 'us versus them' mentality, and if you're not with 'us', then you must be with 'them', and 'they' are the bad-guys. Any blow against 'them' is justified, regardless of how it's made. Violating secrecy, violating privacy, etc. Yet even the smallest similar infraction against 'us' is met with snarls and loud protests of the horrible abuses.

Even on LiveJournal I've seen it; people who will happily try to find ways to bypass security and read private posts, but then whine bitterly about how it's a 'violation of their territory' if someone posts anything negative in their journal, which should be inviolate.

What on earth produces this 'us/them' mentality, this double-standard? So many people fall prey to it, and I honestly don't understand it. I tend to believe that if I expect a courtesy to be extended to me, then I should also extend the same courtesy in return to others. Why is this such a hard concept? Is it just part of human nature? Is this just the only way to get by in the 'real world', and I am being pathetically naive for holding onto ideals like this?

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FF Sparks (Casual)


I went out to lunch today at the little café I usually go to (Peerless Café). They recognize me and know me by name...but today I was wearing my PCC Staff shirt. This earned "Oh, Rachel! You work at the PCC?" (English is not their native language.)

I explained that no, but my mom was the board administrator, and they huddled around to go on about how "PCC food so much /better/ than other place! /So much/." And how "For thanksgiving, we get turkey at the PCC. Everyone say 'Oh, so good turkey! SO good!'" And "Organic food much better...the PCC has the organic eggs, fruit, meat. All good! I buy all food for home at the PCC!"

It was kind of neat to hear that. Since I grew up in the PCC community, and did a lot of work for them over summers (like computer stuff) when I was younger, and I can remember when they were two stores and a handful of offices on the second floor of the other store...long before they became the multi-store success they are now, where they spend money to keep organic farms and stuff afloat. Mom's been with them since pretty much the beginning, and it's nice to hear people say things like that. :)
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